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Flat Fee Listing Service is now an

 Until Sold Listing for just $495 (and 1/2 of 1  percent at closing)! 


What is a Flat Fee MLS Service?

- We list your house until it sells!

- We put the listing in the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

- Your House goes on our web site: www.assurancerealtyweb.com

- Your House is put on www.realtor.com

- We place our Assurance Realty sign in your yard

- We put a lockbox on your house (Not Mandatory)

- You pay one Low Flate Fee of just $495 at signup and a small fee of just 1/2 percent at closing.

- You never pay 5% to 7% commission again

- You save on average 2% to 5%

- We handle ALL OF YOUR PAPERWORK! (That's what the 1/2 of 1% is for)

- We help get your Buyer Financed.

- We assist with all the Home Inspections.

- We help provide all of your Seller's Disclosure Forms.

-  When you sign up today, your house can be viewed nationally within minutes!!!


Be a Featured Listing on our website for just $99



This information is for you. Don't you think it's time you decide HOW you sell your house? Should'nt YOU have control over the services used when selling your home. At Assurance Realty & Property Management Group Inc. we realize that most agents are still using only one system, the MLS, when listing a home. Most agents out there today solely depend on the MLS to bring in a buyer versus adding for sale by owner sites and other advertising means. We know for a fact that there are buyers who need and/or want the savings of a for sale by owner situation and will only search those sites and print media in order to find the best home for the price. Therefore, multiple approaches is what it takes in today's market to sell a home quickly and for the most money. We let you decide what areas you want us to handle for you!



On the buyers side we realized- "Hey we better wake up". As real estate agents, Buyers don't want us or need us as much anymore. They don't want to get in a car with us and spend all day looking at houses to only get confused while we try to "Sell" them something. Most buyers today will use the tools that are available out there, such as the internet, so they can get the best buy. In most cases, the buyer will go straight to the listing agent and hope to save some of the commission on one side of the deal. Buyer's beware with the new Purchase and Sale Agreement, it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes there is only one side of the commission paid if there aren't two brokers involved. Either way we want you to have the ability to choose which way we help you.




Just $495 and 1/2 Percent at closing Until it Sells!


Sell Your Home the Smart Way!

Never Pay 5% to 7% in Commission Again!

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure!!! Save, Save, Save!!!


Note:  Thousands of Homes are sold daily by Information and Exposure through the Internet, Most notably through www.realtor.com. With the Exposure of the Internet and the "Power of the Realtors and the Multiple Listing Service behind You", you can sell Your House Faster and for more Profit. Now more than ever before!!!



For $495 Your Home Will Be Placed On REALTOR.COM Today!

Become a Featured Listing on Assurance Realty's website for just $99


With Assurance Realty's Flat Fee Listing Service you will only have to pay the buyer's agent/broker a commission, typically Just 2.5 to 3.5%!!!


- WHEN WE LIST YOUR HOME: We put it in the Local & National MLS and EVERY BUYER'S AGENT OUT THERE WILL KNOW YOUR HOME IS FOR SALE! (not just the ones that live in your neighborhood).





- Here is How it Normally Works:
When a Realtor is working with a home buyer, the first thing they will do is pull up all the listings that match the home buyers criteria on their local MLS DATA BASE. When they view an Assurance Realty Inc. listing, it will have all the necessary information on it so, in most cases, the seller can be contacted directly. The Realtor then contacts the seller, makes an appointment to show the home and brings the buyer out to view the property. If the Realtor makes an offer for the buyer and the seller accepts, the seller will then pay the buyer's agent a commission, typically 2.5% to 3.5%. Please Note, commissions may vary depending on your location. Please call us for the normal commission rates in your area.




REALTOR.COM receives over 8 Million Hits a month from Buyers looking to purchase a new home. Assurance Realty is right in the middle of all that traffic!!! Realtor.com is also the official web site for the National Association of Realtors. It is open to the general public unlike the MLS, which is open only to Realtors . How do we know that? It's simple, we are members of both. Just think, if a buyer contacts you directly through realtor.com and not another agent than you only spent a small flat fee. That's right the $495 is all.



- Assurance Realty & Property Management Group Inc- is the area's Lowest Priced Flat Fee Company. We are licensed in Georgia and Alabama and we offer our Flat Fee Service in both states. Many millions of people know to visit realtor.com when they are in the market for real estate such as yours. In addition, Assurance Realty also heavily markets our own listings. As a part of our flat fee listing service your home will be listed on our web site, within 24-48 hours in most cases, and with a full color photo with a detail description. We let you have input in the description. That's right you can help put into words what you want to say about your house. If a buyer contacts you directly from our web site without a realtor and they buy your house, you pay zero commission on the sale of your home. That's right zero commission!!!


Assurance Realty Agents-

- We are there to help until we get the job done!

- We make sure your transaction runs smoothly.

- Enter all your data and pictures into the MLS.

- Make all changes neccessary to your listing (when you get an offer or sell).

- We handle all the Paperwork for just one half of one percent paid at closing. If you dont close you dont pay this percentage! 

- We will complete a Market Analysis to help you price right. If you dont price right in todays market chances are you wont sell!

- Increase exposure through advertising sources.

- Be available for assistance and advice with inspections & results.

- Assist with appraisals and pricing when needed.

- We work deligently to get your Buyer Financed.

- We help setup all of your Home Inspections.

- We provide all of your Sellers Disclosure Forms for you to help prevent future lawsuits.

- We even setup and attend the closing when needed.

- From Start to Finish we are there!!!  


Listing with Assurance Realty will give you Maximum Exposure for minimal investment!




Call us Today (706) 221-1535, or email us at assurancerealty@knology.net


We Can Have You Listed On The Internet Within 24 Hours in most cases!!!


Please Note: The following are services we offer to help you through the process. You DO NOT have to use any of these services.   

We also offer full traditional listing services if needed

Additional fees if needed:
(Please remember you do not have to use these services they are only there to help you)

MLS Listing for 1 MLS Board                                                               $ 495 (& one half of one percent paid at closing).
Additional MLS Board (if we are members)                                     $   99

Pictures (Up to 10 photos Free)                                                No Charge
Provide Flyer to advertise property                                                   $   75

Run Flyer through MLS with Special (Black & White)                      $   99

Run Flyer through MLS with Special (Full Color)                              $ 150

Fax forms on your behalf to agents, buyers etc...locally               $     0 Fill out Sales Contract (includes all forms neede)                  INCLUDED
Help Negotiate Sales Contract                                                  INCLUDED
Full Blown Market Analysis                                                               $ 199

Simple Short Market Analysis (not very detailed)                            FREE
Lockbox on Property (Included)                                                          FREE
Real Estate Sign on property                                                                FREE
Virtual Tour                                                                                              FREE
Meet with Home Inspector/consult                                                   FREE
Contact & meet with Appraiser                                                           FREE

Provide Seller Disclosure Form                                                            FREE
Work with Lender to get Buyer financed                                           FREE
Show up at Closing on your behalf                                                     FREE
Hold Earnest Money in Escrow (no charge if we sell)                     FREE
Show Property to Customer (only if you need us to show)           FREE
Provide a List of Home Inspectors                                                      FREE
Provide a List of Appraisers                                                                  FREE
Provide List  of Closing Attorney's                                                      FREE
Provide List Mortgage Companies                                                      FREE
Hold Open House by your request only (per Day)                           $ 125
Change Order for MLS (Price changes)                                              FREE

Directional Signs/ street corners in neighborhood/ each just      $   12


Maximize Your


With Our



The $495 Special Pachage- Includes: Real Estate Sign, Lockbox, MLS Listing, Our Website and Realtor.com. You can sell your own house and just pay the $495 and half of one percent (paid at closing) for the Until Sold Listing Fee



We also Offer a Full Transaction Brokerage Service for a Flat Fee of Just $995 paid at Closing. If it does not close you dont pay! See Transaction Brokerage Page.

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Flat Fee Listing-Pay Now


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